Sheebah finally agrees to pay back Zodiac bar

By Tuhairwe Joab Having been at loggerheads with the management of Zodiac bar, singer Sheebah Karungi has finally agreed to pay back the money she received fraudulently from the company. This came after the Ice Cream singer went on social media and posted...

What we know about Anita Fabiola’s leaked nud3s. [Photos]

By BigEyeUg Team For a long time, Anitah Fabiola’s nud3 photos have been the talk of town. First, was the story that her nud3s were in the hands of some villain who wanted money from the NTV Uganda presenter and...

Is this one of the unknown Mayanja siblings? [Photos]

When he strolls around, kids wave at him, people stare at him like he is a celebrity, calling him Weasel. He smiles and waves back, feeding off Weasel’s celebrity image and God’s unique creation. He looks like Weasel to the...

Mowzey Radio refuses to apologize to Promoter Balaam

By BigEyeUg Reporter Mowzey Radio has stubbornly refused to apologise to promoter Balaam Barugahara despite an impending legal suit. Balaam, through his lawyers, gave the “Neera” singer an ultimatum of 48 hours yesterday to make a public apology for the...


sex in car

5 Great Tips To Having Sex In A Car

Getting off in your car is not as easy as it may sound. For those of you who have ever attempted...

by - May 23, 2015


5 Sexy Moves To Seduce Your Lover Tonight

Here is everything you need to know to take your partner to striptease heaven, from what to put on and how to...

by - May 23, 2015


9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat On You

We know that it is hard to predict another human being but if you are worried that your partner could be...

by - May 23, 2015


LADIES: 12 Things You Should Do Right Before Sex

Wouldn’t it be nice if spontaneous sex happened in real life the way it did in the movies? You know, when...

by - May 22, 2015


How Mr. Flavour Will Make Ortega Get Married Sooner.

By Ian Ortega I think Mr. Flavour as a musician simply exists to test my resolve of not getting married until...

by - May 23, 2015


The awaited Youth Conference set for next week

Youths are gearing up for the Youth Conference that is slated for next Friday. The Youth Conference, as its headlining mantra...

by - May 22, 2015

Tuba Dagomba

HOAX: Inside Story of Guy Who Infected 712 Ladies With HIV Is A Lie

By Our Reporter We have received lots of messages asking us to clarify on a story that was published on various...

by - May 21, 2015


Uganda Voted 23rd Cleverest Country In The World, 2nd in Africa

By Our Reporter The latest rankings of countries according to their national IQ score have placed Uganda in the 23rd position...

by - May 18, 2015

Jackie Chandiru

Music Review: Wotuuse – Jackie Chandiru

She has been in the news for her wedding to a dutch pensioner. Before all that brouhaha, she had grown silent....

by - May 16, 2015


Sarah Zawedde lights like a candle

She is like a candle that has stayed up all night, but refused to melt off. Well, she had melted off....

by - May 9, 2015

Winnie Nwagi

Music Review: Katono Katono by Winnie Nwagi

By Nimusiima Ever since she got out of Coca-Cola Rated Next, Winnie didn’t fall on her back and tend to her...

by - April 29, 2015

Irene Ntale

Music Review: Akabugo – Irene Ntale

By Nimusiima Irene Ntale is unstoppable, isn’t she? She drops singles every single day coupled with good videos. Maybe she simply...

by - April 29, 2015


Another Makerere University student dies

Makerere University has experienced tragic deaths in a space of two months. From Ojok who was murdered at Nkrumah Hall to...

by - May 18, 2015


MUBs student raped and killed

Just a few weeks after Ojok (RIP) was murdered by a mob at Makerere University, death has yet again claimed another...

by - May 16, 2015

Airtel logo

Airtel Uganda Launches Their 2015 Internship Programme

Airtel, Uganda’s smartphone network, has launched its 2015 Internship Programme to enable students to apply for internship opportunities at no cost. The Programme...

by - May 14, 2015


For Every 9 Students Admitted on Government Sponsorship, One is From KITENDE!!!

By Ortega Ian Statistics are beginning to show something that will leave many heads rolling. When the government sponsorship list to...

by - May 10, 2015